FreeUP Wins ESLL Water Quality and Resource Efficiency Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that FreeUP has been named one of the winners of the Environmental Space Living Lab (ESLL) Water Quality and Resource Efficiency Challenge competition. This recognition highlights our innovative approach to environmental monitoring and underscores our commitment to revolutionizing water quality management.

Celebrating Innovation

FreeUP has greatly improved environmental monitoring with our lower-cost sensors designed for comprehensive water body data collection. These sensors act as a step change in providing extensive and specific data that allow for informed decision-making in real-time. Our technology covers broad catchment areas, enabling stakeholders to make proactive, data-driven decisions for sustainable environmental management.

The Power of Our Intuitive Dashboard

At the core of our innovation lies our dashboard, which seamlessly integrates multiple data sources, including Earth Observation (EO) and weather data. This fusion empowers a wide range of stakeholders, from landowners and utilities to project coordinators, with the ability to forecast based on historical data while concurrently monitoring water quality in real-time. The significance of this technology extends beyond data provision; it equips those managing water bodies with the necessary tools to foster a more sustainable approach to environmental management.

ESLL’s Support and Collaboration

Winning this competition brings valuable support from ESLL and access to cutting-edge approaches, partners and real-world test areas. The tailored support from ESLL aligns seamlessly with FreeUP’s efforts, offering collaboration opportunities in EO, commercial strategy, stakeholder introductions, and robust data analysis tools. This partnership enhances our capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions and highlights our pivotal role in shaping the future of environmental technology.

About the ESLL

The Environmental Space Living Lab (ESLL) unites space, market, and tech experts with policymakers, academia, and end-users. This collaborative space enables the exploration and analysis of challenges, co-designing and testing innovative, scalable solutions, and accelerating their commercialization. By doing so, it drives business growth while generating long-term social and environmental impacts. ESLL operates across three physical locations: Petroc in North Devon, Bicton College in East Devon, and Bridgwater and Taunton College in Somerset. It leverages resources from the Satellite Applications Catapult, University of Plymouth, University of Exeter, North Devon Biosphere, and the Devon and Somerset County Councils.

The Broader Impact of Our Work

The recognition from ESLL emphasizes FreeUP’s commitment to thought leadership in environmental monitoring. While our low-cost sensing hardware is crucial, it is just one component of our overall solution. Our comprehensive approach integrates advanced data analysis, real-time monitoring, and forecasting to provide actionable insights. This holistic solution ensures that water quality management is proactive, effective, and sustainable.

Join Us on This Journey

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and collaborate with ESLL and other partners. Together, we are shaping the future of environmental technology and fostering a sustainable approach to water quality management. Our mission is to provide a full solution for outdoor water quality, demonstrating that our hardware is just the starting point for broader, impactful environmental stewardship.

4th January 2024
Tom McNamara


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