FreeUP and CaSTCo Webinar on Water Risk Mapping

We’re thrilled to share that our founder, Tom McNamara, recently led an insightful webinar for CaSTCo, focusing on water risk mapping at catchment scales. This comprehensive session, endorsed by CaSTCo and The Rivers Trust, showcased our commitment to democratizing water quality monitoring, even for non-technical audiences.

Highlights from the Webinar

Understanding Water Risk at Catchment Scales
Tom began by discussing the current state of rivers, emphasizing the importance of mapping water risks to ensure sustainable management. He explained how various sectors, such as agriculture and urban development, impact water quality, and highlighted the pressing need for effective risk management strategies.

Strategies for Effective Risk Management
Tom introduced four levels of risk management: avoidance, reduction, transfer, and acceptance. He illustrated these concepts with practical examples, such as implementing leaky dams to mitigate flood risks and using proxies like turbidity and rainfall to identify nutrient runoff, providing a clear roadmap for stakeholders to address water quality issues.

Innovative Low-Cost Sensing Solutions
A key focus was on how FreeUP’s innovative, low-cost sensing solutions can help monitor water quality in real-time. Tom demonstrated how our sensors, combined with user-friendly dashboards, enable landowners and project facilitators to gather and analyze data efficiently, making informed decisions to improve water management practices.

Collaboration with CaSTCo and The Rivers Trust
The endorsement from CaSTCo and The Rivers Trust underscores the reliability and effectiveness of FreeUP’s technology. This collaboration aims to create a consistent, open information and knowledge-sharing platform, supporting integrated catchment management across the UK.

Watch the Webinar
This presentation provides a deep dive into the challenges and solutions related to water quality, emphasizing the collaborative effort needed from landowners, project facilitators, and not-for-profit organizations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of water risk mapping and learn how our solutions can make a significant impact. Watch the full 58-minute webinar here.

12th April 2024
Tom McNamara


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