Expert Insights on Water Quality Challenges in “Troubled Waters”

In the debut episode of Buro Happold‘s podcast series “Sandbox,” FreeUP’s founder, Tom McNamara, joins water experts Duncan Ker-Reid and Louise Clarke to tackle the critical issue of water quality. Titled “Troubled Waters,” this engaging discussion delves into the environmental impacts of human activities and explores sustainable solutions for managing our precious water resources.

Tom McNamara brings his expertise from FreeUP, highlighting how affordable water quality sensors can democratize data collection and empower communities. Duncan Ker-Reid, with his focus on natural hydrology, discusses the enigmatic and powerful nature of water, emphasizing the need for natural water retention strategies with Louise Clarke adding her insights on integrated water management and the challenges of balancing urban infrastructure with sustainable practices. The conversation is entertainingly hosted by Andy Duncan who asks the questions that many will be thinking, ensuring the conversation doesn’t wander too far off topic!

The conversation covers a wide range of topics, including the potential of a two-tier water system, the importance of community involvement, and the need for policy changes to ensure sustainable water use. The experts also share real-world examples, like the innovative water management strategies at Mayfield Park in Manchester, how you can make a difference at home, and discuss how individual actions can collectively make a significant impact.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of water management and exploring innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Listen to the full episode here and join the conversation on how we can better manage our water resources for the benefit of all.

31st May 2024
Tom McNamara


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