Smart Distribution

Enabling the transition to IoT infrastructure

What it Does

It enables the transition to an Internet of Things (IoT) distribution network within the constraints of the real world.

Imperfect Knowledge

Knowledge of precisely where sensors need to be placed ahead of installation isn’t a requirement.

No Excavation

Our sensors don’t require direct attachment to underground pipes or hydrants meaning no excavation or high deployment costs.

No Hardware Cost

A large investment budget isn’t requried as there are no hardware costs to cover.

What it Delivers

IoT distribution networks provide real-time data, and so, a real-time view of the network. This information can be used to triangulate and predict problematic areas:


  • the time between event occurrence and coordinated¬†action
  • the resources spent on issue triangulation
  • uncertainty of in-pipe water conditions


  • proactive customer notification of quality issues
  • data-driven actions
  • preventative maintenance


Imperfect Knowledge

Postcode Deployment

All we need to start is the postcode of the area of interest.

We can then provide information about the scale of sensing we can provide with no on-the-ground effort from you.

Roll Out & Back

Increase the granularity of sensing for problematic areas and reduce it for areas that are maintaining a high standard.

Our deployment method enables high levels of flexibility for you to determine exactly where sensing is required.

No Excavation

In-building Deployment

Our hardware is deployed to commercial properties that consume large amounts of water.

By monitoring a number of buildings dependent on the granularity of sensing required, we’re able to infer the condition of the water in the distribution network without the need for direct pipe or hydrant attachment.

No Complexity

We deal with deployment leaving you to simply use the data it generates.

There is no operational on-the-ground complexity as for your organisation there is no deployment to be done meaning you can deploy sensing at what ever scale you wish.

No Maintenance

Our sensors are regularly changed as part of our operational procedure.

They are designed this way so thay they don’t require any in-field maintenance and seamlessly hand over data transmission duties when swapped.

No Hardware Cost

Reduced CAPEX Barrier

As there are no hardware or deployment costs the largest barrier to IoT adoption has been removed.

One of our core innovations was to design our hardware from the ground up to be low-cost. Removing this barrier was why we did it.

Larger Scale Sensing

Removing the hardware and deployment costs also removes the need to have indefinite sensing at that particular scale.

This means larger sensor fleets can be deployed when needed and permanent fleets can be larger than would be possible through typical hardware purchasing models.

No Warranties

FreeUP deals with maintenance of the hardware and its replacment when needed.

For the duration you’re subscribed you’ll simply receive the overview and insights you need.

Enhanced Operation



Use real-time turbidity and colour levels to triangulate the source of issues and direct your team.

Minimise the impact of events by taking action before anyone is affected.

Customer Notification

Provide customers with preemptive notifications about reductions in water quality.

Map events to provide duration estimates to further improve customer service and reduce the number of complaints.

Leak Detection

Detect leaks from changes in the typical flow of the network and enable personnel to take action.

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