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One cost to cover the real-world in a dashboard.


Everything required to trial a location for 6 months.
FreeUP deployment.

Small Fleet

Everything required per location per month.
Customer deployment.


Everything required per location per month (minimum 30 sensors). Customer deployment

A Vertically Integrated Solution

With FreeUP, one subscription covers all the aspects required to get real-world, real-time data, online, in a format that works for you.

Our hardware, software and communications solution reduces data collection costs by 95% and greatly simplifies operational complexity.

Pain Points We’ve Removed

No Capital Costs

FreeUP covers the capital cost of the hardware. Simply place it where you need it once your subscription starts.

No Connection Costs

FreeUP deals with the data connections regardless of what country you’re operating in.

No Data Storage Costs

FreeUP provisions the cloud storage required to store your data no matter how much data you collect.

No Warranties

Replacement hardware is automatically issued for in-water failures and in-guideline use.

No Scheduled Servicing

If human intervention is needed, our system will notify you, otherwise no scheduled maintenance is required.

No Tooling

No specialist tools are required to transport or deploy our hardware and our software requires no installation.

Interested in a Specific Use Case?

We’re constantly working with others through pilots and NDA projects to deliver new/specific real-time metrics.

If you feel like this describes your organisation then please feel free to get in touch below.

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