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At FreeUP, we believe in thinking big and doing things that matter.

Water is chronically undervalued and mismanaged leading to its increased scarcity, costs and quality issues.

We aim to provide the tools to value and quantify water for everyone, everywhere.

From this basis, we believe that a more optimistic future is entirely possible.

If you’re interested in automation, bringing technology and innovation to new sectors or helping create solutions where you’ve experienced gaps in the past, FreeUP could be the place for you. Please look below for our current openings or feel free to contact us for anything else.

Teams & Open Positions

Below is a list of our current openings.

If however, you feel that you have unique qualifications, insights, or passion for what we do and there isn’t a current opening, please contact us. 

Content & Customer Relations

Freeing up people is why we do what we do. Our customer team deals with our online and in person presences, providing both a friendly customer experience and insights for the development and operation teams.

Product Marketer

The role is to provide marketing support in the following areas:

Duties include:

  • Managing and maintaining our, website, social channels and online presence
  • Supporting and leading customer engagements 
  • Contributing to our brand strategy
  • Attending in-person events and demos

Full Job Description


Even our automation requires some human oversight. Our operations team is responsible for making sure that software, hardware and customer considerations all work together to devliver the best experience for all.

Technical Support

The role is to provide product support in the following areas:

Duties include:

  • Providing technical support to new and existing customers
  • Management of product delivery and installations
  • Manage stock availability to meet demand
  • Contribute to product development initiatives

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The role is to provide internal business organisation and support.

Duties include:

  • Perform project and workflow management to aid company efficiency and transparency
  • Respond to incoming communications and assistance with client and project matters when needed
  • Working with the team and clients on project data initiatives

Full Job Description

Product Development

Technology never stands still and neither does ours. Our development team is responsible for both deployment and maintenance of prototyping, development and production environments.

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