Case Studies


FreeUP aims to streamline workflows across sectors and disciplines, bringing everyone to a future where simple automation is just that, simple.

To do this we use feedback from trials and deployments to ensure that our technology is as beneficial and easy to use as we aimed for it to be when we set out. This evidence is important for us to gauge the impact and usability of our technology to ensure that we fulfill our long term goal.

We also believe that ideas can come from anywhere. In summarising and publicising some of these trials we welcome ideas that others might have and hope to demonstrate, through evidence, the extra value that can be created.

Click on the drop down links under the Case Studies menu to see how we have improved equipment and work flows from milking cows, to researchers working on atomically thick materials like graphene.

From your cup of coffee to microprocessors not yet available, FreeUP aims to assist others to do what they currently do, but better.

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