In Context Data

Our data approach

Summarise the Real-world

Being able to deploy a large volume of sensing allows us to take the context of deployments into account, providing insights beyond the direct measurements themselves.

These proxy measurements enable large problem spaces and geographical areas to be quickly cut down to small, actionable, areas of interest.

We summarise the real-world so you know where to place your most valued resources.

Orders of Magnitude More Sensing

Interested in where nutrients are entering a watercourse?

Simply deploy a fleet of sensors and see where events of interest are occurring with turbidity and FreeUP’s underwater optics. Zero in on one or two areas of interest and sample/test.

You don’t need the capital to deploy specific sensors everywhere or to guess where to place the few you have, just deploy a FreeUP sensor fleet first.

With in-context data many highly specific water measurements and tests can be approximated allowing you to focus on where to put your most valuable resources.

Vast Deployments

By removing the capital requirements and operational complexities of deploying and maintaining sensor fleets, we have opened the way to a new scale of water sensing.

As we operate through a subscription based service, there doesn’t need to be a requirement for sensing post project, meaning that you can can deploy as much sensing as required regardless of scale.


Living Overviews

By removing warranties and scheduled maintenance, it’s simple to have permanent in-place monitoring. This coupled with all data between sensors being comparable makes it simple to have unified, living overviews that are always up to date.


Data Collaboration

We’re happy for others to use our offering even when it’s for third party data products. Simply deploy our hardware and use the collected data through our API.

Depending on your application, software prompts can be sent when thresholds are met in addition to data formatting and other automatic functions.

Just the Beginning

We’re currently collaborating with other organisations to develop and validate new direct and proxy measurements to include in our system. If you are interested in our approach, want to discuss how it could work for your application or anything else similarly related, look at this page, or get in touch.

We order our development pipeline in terms of the interest, so getting in touch will enable us to say how we can help today or likely shorten the time until we can.


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