FreeUP Agriculture

Standard Automation

FreeUP is a company that reduces the barriers for farmers getting good automation. We believe that good automation is automation that helps you achieve what you want. Standard automation usually means changing what you already do, large capital outlays and consultants. It also includes complex dashboards and settings which not everyone can use. In short, there are many real reasons why agricultural automation isn’t the go-to choice for many. We want to FreeUP agriculture so that many more farms can benefit from automation.


We create helpful automation. We make tools that allow you to deploy your own automation on your own terms. Automate what is a genuine nuisance to you and keep it simple. You won’t need a consultant, there isn’t a complex dashboard and you won’t even need a smartphone.

If you want to know more about our first product then click here otherwise read on to know more about our process.
Our founder Tom McNamara grew up on a farm and aims to help progressive farmers improve their farms. Improve profits, decrease environmental impacts or just keep your hedges that little bit neater. Whatever your goal is, if simple automation can help then we would like to know more, genuinely.

We aim to free you up from having to check physical things on your farm and making simple, time-consuming decisions. If you have any dials on your farm such as a pressure, temperature, level, etc. gauge, we already have something that can automate checking them. It’ll also send you an alert when you’re needed. With this, you can upgrade an old grain dryer, check boilers are heating at the correct times, ensure stable vacuum pressures, etc.


We are working on a turbidity unit that can report if there is a heavy level of sediment in your rivers. We want to make more. To automate all the little tasks that build up to actually being a large amount of work. We don’t aim to leave you needing a consultant or give you tools you don’t need. Instead, we want you to have the tools for you to deploy automation that works for you and uses your knowledge of your farm. Do you need to know, which gates are open, tank levels, subsoil temperatures? If you tell us we can put future efforts to developing these. We hope you believe in progressing farming like we do and that if you have ideas you’ll be in touch.