FreeUP & IoT

What is IoT

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This is where many physical devices have inbuilt sensors that upload their measurements. These measurements then help people to automate various parts of their lives. It could be your home heating system knowing your location and the time until your back in the house. The system knows roughly when you will be back and so when to put the heating on. Saving you the bill of having the heating on all the time. Your car tire could report a low pressure. Allowing you to get it fixed saving on what would be a larger garage bill later on, etc.

What is FreeUP?

FreeUP is an automation company. We aim to help other companies and individuals to achieve more. Getting information from the real world to where it needs to be online is what we do. We also believe that you know the problems you face better than anyone else. By working with users to provide these solutions we enable others to do more. FreeUP IoT is where we aim to reduce the barriers to IoT uptake by handling the technical points so you don’t have to.


We have built a sensor (a freeup) that automates any equipment with a dial. It doesn’t need any technical skills, downtime, changes to standard operating procedures, etc to fit. It enables legacy equipment to be upgraded to the IoT framework easily and simply.


We are developing more sensors to expand the capabilities of our platform and what we can automate. Our customers guide the sensors we develop by telling us what would enable them to get more done. Our goal is to add value to the greatest number of companies in the shortest amount of time. If there is automation that you haven’t been able to find, that would add value to you, then get in touch. We aim for anyone to be able to automate any physical measurement thought our platform.