Gauge Time Saving

How To Save Time With Gauges

Gauges (and dials) are a cornerstone of displaying information. They are present on many (especially older) pieces of equipment as they are robust and reliable. They display their information with no ongoing or technical requirements. Normally, the only real problem is the need to spend time actually checking them.

Luckily this is where automation can help. Solutions exist that allow dials to report their readings back to a central dashboard. Here, the readings can be simply reviewed in addition to sending alerts. A text message alerts you if you when needed, removing the need to even check the dashboard for the reported values.


FreeUP has created a technology that allows for the automation of any dial in less than 5 minutes by anyone. The hardware (a freeup) watches the dial in much the same way a person would. It, digitises the value displayed on the dial and reports it to the internet. These readings are then stored so that you can review or download them when you want. Additionally, the data is view able as graphs and tables. You are also able to set automatic thresholds to send out alerts depending on the readings from the dials. This allows you to save time with your dials and gauges as they will now report the information directly to you. They will also send notifications to the appropriate people when needed.

The main idea this technology builds upon is that your time is better spent making decisions that only humans can make. Leave automation to perform the data collecting and low-level decision making. Gauge time saving is achieved by allowing freeups to take this workload off you. Freeing you up to focus on other things or simply get a higher-level view on trends. Such trends may have been going on for years, but you were so focused in the moment of that day’s decisions that you weren’t able to see or quantify it.