Hardware Manufacturers

Benefit from our experience of making technology suitable for the outdoors. If your probe or technology works indoors under lab conditions, we can assist with making them fit for the outdoors, taking care of power management, communications and connecting you into out ecosystem of services.


We work with hardware manufacturers across the water industry to deploy their technology outdoors effectively. Mitigating factors such as fouling, theft and extreme weather events, levearging .

Designed specifically to:

  • Deploy easily
  • Self clean
  • Improve battery management
  • Provide a complete dashboard integration
  • Provide remote diagnostics

Deploy Easily

FreeUP offers hardware manufacturers a platform that ensures their water quality sensors and equipment can be deployed with ease. Our technology simplifies installation processes, reducing the need for specialized labor and minimizing setup times. This user-friendly approach allows manufacturers to quickly get their devices operational, enabling faster scaling and broader deployment.


Our innovative self-cleaning technology enhances the longevity and reliability of hardware deployed in challenging environments. FreeUP’s system reduces maintenance needs by automatically preventing fouling and debris buildup on sensors. This feature ensures consistent performance and accuracy, allowing manufacturers to offer more robust and low-maintenance solutions to their clients.

Improve Battery Management

FreeUP improves battery management for hardware manufacturers by optimizing power consumption and extending battery life. Our platform includes intelligent energy management features that monitor and adjust power usage based on operational demands. This enhancement allows devices to function longer between charges or battery replacements, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Provide Complete Dashboard Integration

FreeUP provides complete dashboard integration, allowing hardware manufacturers to offer seamless data visualization and control to their users. Our platform integrates all sensor data into a comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard, providing real-time insights and easy access to critical information. This feature enhances the overall value of the hardware by offering a fully integrated monitoring solution.

Provide Remote Diagnostics

Our platform supports remote diagnostics, enabling hardware manufacturers to monitor and troubleshoot their devices from anywhere. FreeUP’s remote diagnostic capabilities allow for quick identification and resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation. This feature enhances customer satisfaction by providing prompt support and maintaining the reliability of deployed equipment.

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