FreeUP Hardware

The physical part of our system

Costs We’ve Removed

No Capital Cost

FreeUP covers the capital cost of the hardware. Simply place it where you need it once your subscription starts.

No Connection Cost

FreeUP deals with the data connections regardless of what country you’re operating in.

No Data Storage Cost

FreeUP provisions the cloud storage required to store your data no matter how much data you collect.

Where It Can Operate

Outdoor Freshwater

FreeUP’s sensors operate in rivers and reservoirs. One type of sensor sits at the bottom of the water body with the second type floating at the surface. Either can be deployed depending on the user’s preference.

Outdoor Saltwater

FreeUP’s sensors can operate in saltwater environments, typical deployments have sensors deployed in near coast applications using the surface sensing sensor type.

Piped Water

FreeUP’s hardware can link up with pipe networks. Once we know the pipe diameter and typical flow conditions we can work with you to find a suitable sensing configuration.

What It Can Sense


The measure of optical clarity in water. This is sensed from 0 – 1,000 NTU.


The measure of red, green and blue absorbances in water. This is sensed in the APHA/Hazen scale from 0 – 500 PCU. 

Underwater Optics

Highly tuned sensing can be deployed through unique optical combinations. Tell us what you want to measure and we’ll let you know if/how we can.


Place and Forget

Simply place the sensor in the area of interest. No existing infrastructure or tooling is required and the sensor will handle its own set-up, provisioning and data connections.

Minimal Maintenance

There is no need for scheduled maintenance. The hardware is designed to be maintenance-free, but should manual input be required, the system will notify you to ensure that only required visits are made. 

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