IoT Innovation

The General Landscape

IoT innovation is often commented upon and the ways that it will change our work and personal lives. They generally have far-reaching effects, high development costs and a multitude of buzz words. These projects, however, only allow us to interact with them once they are complete. Rarely, do you get any real way to change their outcomes or even the direction of their development.

For many applications, wide standardization is worth the cost. It means an easier to use product that will work the way you want. For many smaller projects though, being able to direct the outcome and have a true say in what guests developed would be far more beneficial. It produces a very niche very precise solution, perfectly addressing your problem.

Bespoke Solutions

FreeUP aims to create simple IoT tools that anyone can use. Customisable tools that enable you to create very precise solutions. Our tools consist of a physical sensor that measures a variable and uploads the reading to the internet. The data is then available on our dashboard, to use or direct automatic decisions. If you don’t want to use our dashboard the data is downloadable as a CSV file or sent using our API.

A Better Framework

Part of our mission is to provide a framework for anyone to automate any real-world measurement they need. Our sensors work ‘out of the box’. You don’t have to learn any technical details, simply focus on what you already do.

We also know the frustration of looking for a product that doesn’t exist. You can buy a different system that nearly does what you want. You can get a system to only use part of it or take on the effort of making the innovation yourself. But all of these aren’t the most efficient or scalable routes, which is why IoT innovations are often put to one side.

Our Pipeline

This is why we are very interested in any automation tools that would be useful to you. You have the sector knowledge of the problem and we have the technical know-how to create an efficient solution. We have several projects under the development which are entirely user-led. They exist only because people who bought our current products said they had further needs. We want to be able to enable you to do what you do better. Using your knowledge of the problems you face and helping you achieve more in your sector.

If you think that we could help you with some of the IoT hurdles that you face, please get in touch. Or feel free to browse the rest of our site for more information about us. We’d love to hear from you.