IoT Upgrade

What is IoT

To add context about performing an IoT upgrade, IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This describes the near future and increasing trend that equipment and items will be even more connected to the internet. This allows them to upload the information they generate, helping you make decisions. Think of a fridge uploading pictures of what’s inside it, your car reporting its tire pressures etc. This helps your shopping list and to keep your car in top shape. It’s all about collecting a lot of information to allow you a little more automation in your life and work.

How to upgrade

There are many ways to upgrade to this new way of doing things and there are also a lot of ways to try and avoid it. This post is about the easiest ways to make this IoT upgrade though. Option one is to buy new equipment. This is an expensive option, but if it does exactly what you want and is the brand you already use, then it is the easiest. Ideally, your suppliers will have a new version of the equipment that you currently use and are willing to help you make the transition. then this could be the option for you.

Option 2 for people and companies where this is more difficult. Technology that allows you to upgrade your current equipment to this new IoT standard is available. It doesn’t require bringing in external people, operating procedures or new equipment. FreeUP makes technology that allows and dial or gauge to be upgraded to the IoT standard. It doesn’t require any technical training or skill to use and will give you most of the functionality. It allows you to gain many of the benefits of IoT with the smallest of capital investments.

Option 3 for those that don’t want to use technology at all. Create a new operating procedure or hire new staff to do the checks and data collection. You will have the data centralised and collected and not have to worry about any technology. Sometimes having a dedicated staff member can actually save time as others can focus on their specific roles

FreeUP sensors

FreeUP sensors (called freeups), allow any machines with a dial to be read remotely. By placing a freeup in front of a dial the information can be automatically collected. The data is then sent to a central dashboard rather than requiring a person to go and check it. This can also save staff members from having to go into hazardous locations or very remote areas. Avoiding both increases their safety. By upgrading these machines to something modern and IoT enabled, older machines can enter the IoT age. Enabling them to integrate with other systems without buying newer expensive machines. Even more noteworthy is that they don’t even have to halt production when performing this IoT upgrade.