If Only FreeUP Made …

Welcome to our pipeline.

We enable companies to benefit from the Internet of Things, from simple measurements to complex applications. Currently, we can get any dial online, we’re working on rivers, and in time, we aim to enable any item you want to be connected.

White box our technology or use it as is, our pipeline is here to free you up.


The Mission

We want to remove the technical barriers for people creating their own automation solutions. Imagine being able to have any measurement you wanted online, the data on tap and to be notified exactly when you wanted. This is what we aim to provide.

Our platform already handles these details, we’re only limited by what our physical hardware (freeups) can sense.

One freeup at a time, we aim to expand our sensing capabilities to achieve our goal.



We are expanding our capabilities in order of customer and external interest.

If having the ability to measure x would allow you to launch a new service, improve your efficiency, expand into a new area then we would very much like to know what your x is.

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Current Landscape

New automation typically requires technical knowledge, consultants or a new interface that has to be learnt. Sometimes solutions exist elsewhere, but the useful part is buried in a system built for another purpose which comes with the associated complexities and price tag.

This results in problems or opportunities needing to become sufficiently large to become a project/initiative, diverting significant time and resources to overcome.

Seemingly smaller individual gains are rarely actioned or realised and agility and innovation are lost.


FreeUP Platform

To date we can automate the readings from any dial with extra sensing functionality under development. The FreeUP platform allows anyone to create automation with no project management, SOP changes, or large investments.

You simply

  1. select what you want to measure
  2. purchase and deploy our hardware
  3. use our online dashboard, download the data or automatically pipe it into your system from our API

FreeUP handles everything else.

Freeups In Our Pipeline

A freeup is the physical piece of technology that automates a certain measurement. Each freeup we develop widens the scope of what can be automated by the FreeUP platform.

Dial freeup


Capable of automating the information generated from any dial on any piece of equipment.

Turbidity freeup

In development

Automatic outdoor turbidity measurements.

Occupancy freeup

In development

Automatic occupancy counting.

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