Not for Profit Organisations

Reduce your existing administration burden by centralising your data, insights and sensing inventory management all in one place. Move on to generating deeper insights and, where desired, use our lower cost hardware to evidence more specific issues.


FreeUP offers a software-only entry point and lower cost hardware specifically aimed at helping not for profit organisations make the best use of their resources and member’s time. From years of conversations we understand that budgets are often limited which is why we have developed this specific approach.

Our software works with the data you already have and our hardware can enable you to investigate more specific issues that are important to you.

Key features

  • Utilise existing data
  • Summarise trends & flag areas of concern
  • Integrates third party data
  • Help secure additional funding
  • Assists with cross organisational collaboration

Utilise Existing Data

FreeUP empowers not-for-profit organizations to make the most of their existing data by integrating it into our comprehensive platform. Our system aggregates historical and current data, providing a holistic view of water quality trends. This capability enables organizations to build on their previous efforts, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of their monitoring programs without starting from scratch.

Summarize Trends & Flag Areas of Concern

Our platform helps¬† summarize trends and identify areas of concern with ease. FreeUP’s analytics tools enable you to detect patterns and anomalies in water quality data, highlighting critical issues that require attention. By presenting this information in a clear and concise manner, our system enables organizations to prioritize their efforts and address problems proactively.

Integrate Third Party Data

FreeUP seamlessly integrates third-party data, expanding the scope and depth of water quality analysis for not-for-profit organizations. Whether it’s government datasets, academic research, or community-sourced information, our platform consolidates diverse data sources into a unified system. This integration enhances the richness of insights and supports more informed decision-making.

Help Secure Additional Funding

By providing robust data and clear evidence of water quality issues, FreeUP aids not-for-profit organizations in securing additional funding. Our platform can assist in generating detailed reports and visualizations that effectively communicate the impact of water quality projects to potential funders. This compelling presentation of data helps organizations make a strong case for financial support, enabling them to expand their initiatives and achieve greater environmental outcomes.

Assists with Cross-Organizational Collaboration

FreeUP facilitates cross-organizational collaboration by providing a centralized platform for data sharing and communication. Our system enables multiple stakeholders to access and contribute to water quality data, fostering a collaborative approach to environmental monitoring. This shared access helps align efforts, pool resources, and drive collective action towards common water quality goals.

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