Old Machine Upgrade

Old Machines

Certain equipment is very robust and can be fixable by nearly anyone. Such equipment often lasts a very long time, often loner than anticipated. This equipment then finds itself in a new age where it needs to do more to keep up with the times. It seems needless to buy new equipment when what you have already works perfectly well.


Performing an old machine upgrade allow this equipment to keep doing what it does in this new age. These upgrades however, are usually time-consuming and costly. They cost money and time to perform and they create lost opportunities whilst the equipment is out of service. Staff retraining is often necessary as is the associated paperwork. Knowing which brand to commit to, is another common problem. These barriers all add up to stop companies making gains in efficiency, which build up over time. This is a common problem that we have seen time and time again. The drive to have an overhaul of your equipment is often triggered by a major event. Being outmanoeuvred, out competed or no longer breaking even.


In comparison, FreeUP gives companies an easier more flexible option. Upgrade what you already have in place. Do it with no downtime or staff retraining. Also downgrade as you need. Furthermore, it doesn’t need a huge capital outlay and can be done in parts rather than all at once. The technology that allows this is a clever camera that you point at any dial or gauge and watches it like a human. It captures the information displayed, sends out automatic alerts and shows an overview of all the readings online. Because it is ‘just a camera’, it also doesn’t interfere with any warranties or procedures. It drops into place on any old machines and digitises their output.