Product Marketer

The Role

Our content & customer relations department is responsible for FreeUP’s front of house activities and customer engagement. This is incredibly important to us as without meaningful engagement, we cannot refine or create further future technologies to achieve our mission and save people time and effort.

You will be responsible for managing and maintaining the website and social media channels with the aim of optimising user engagement, exposure and traction. This will involve content creation that adds value and insight in addition to wider pieces covering the technological and user-centric landscapes.

You will be required to support the brand strategy and its development through planning and suggesting areas and directions in which it could be development based upon your engagement. This will require you to have a creative approach to create new marketing messages based upon evidence rather than pre-conceptions of what would be routinely done.

You will need to attend exhibitions and events, setting up stands and presenting on FreeUP’s behalf. For this role¬†confidence and personability are desirable, however you will be supported to develop any skills required and able to shadow staff that already conduct these duties.

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Previous experience of online user engagement
  • Marketing experience or qualifications
  • Knowledge of CRM software
  • A creative streak
  • Previous project management experience
  • Webmaster experience
  • Personability