Project Facilitators

If you’re working on a water quality project FreeUP’s platform allows cost effective data collection. Allowing you to make more informed decisions and improve stakeholder engagement.


Project facilitators benefit from FreeUP’s comprehensive platform, simplifying complex concepts, fostering stakeholder engagement, and facilitating cost-effective data collection. Our solution enhances decision-making processes, streamlines report writing, and delivers meaningful solutions for waterway improvement projects.

Key features

  • Facilitates grab and hand sampling
  • Drone imagery provides up to date mapping
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Streamlines report writing processes

Facilitates Grab and Hand Sampling

FreeUP’s platform simplifies the process of grab and hand sampling, making data collection more efficient and accurate for project facilitators. Our user-friendly tools guide users through the sampling process, ensuring consistency and reliability. The collected data is seamlessly integrated into our system, providing real-time insights and facilitating timely decision-making to address water quality issues effectively.

Drone Imagery Provides Up-to-Date Mapping

Leveraging the latest in drone technology, FreeUP provides project facilitators with up-to-date mapping and high-resolution imagery. This feature allows for precise monitoring of water bodies and surrounding environments, identifying changes and potential problem areas quickly. By having access to current visual data, facilitators can better plan and execute interventions, ensuring optimal project outcomes and engaging reports.

Improved Stakeholder Engagement

FreeUP enhances stakeholder engagement by transforming complex water quality data into clear, accessible insights. Our platform provides interactive visualizations and comprehensive reports that are easy to understand, fostering better communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. This improved transparency and accessibility help build trust and support for water quality initiatives.

Streamlines Report Writing Processes

Our platform streamlines the report writing process for project facilitators by automating data collection and analysis. With FreeUP, generating detailed, accurate reports is faster and more straightforward. The system helps compile all the relevant data into cohesive reports, reducing the time and effort required to produce high-quality documentation. This efficiency allows facilitators to focus more on implementing solutions and less on administrative tasks.

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