Remote Reading

How To Do Remote Reading

Dials and gauges are great, but a common problem with them is that they tend to be remote. This makes checking them a pain and often means that you don’t. If you’ve found this page I don’t need to expand anymore and won’t, you understand the problem.


What you want is a simple way to automate the dials in less than five minutes. This is what FreeUP provides. A clever piece of tech that watches the dial like a human, so allowing any machines with a dial to be read remotely. These easy to use FreeUP sensors, then record and send back the dial readings to an online dashboard. Rather than having to go and check dials in hazardous or very remote locations, they can be checked from any computer.

This allows for potentially hazardous situations to be avoided for personnel. However, the bigger effect is in the immediate ability to know if there is an issue with the machine. Notifications occur in minutes rather than requiring a manual check. Rather than relying on periodic assessment and an issue to align, remotely reading the dial provides you with timely notifications. These alert you to an issue as it’s happening, allowing you to take corrective action. This can save a huge amount of resource in terms of periodic assessment freeing up staff’s time. It also reduces the impact of any issues that could be experienced.

Our technology also allows for far greater flexibility compared to other systems. We can make the data collected available on other systems through our API. Giving you the opportunity to incorporate the information generated by a dial into a multitude of platforms or a new product. For simpler or ad hoc integrations, you can also download the data as a CSV file.