FreeUP Software

The cyber part of our system

What it Does

Our software enables users to effortlessly collect and action water data.

No Installations

You’ll never need to have admin privileges, install or update any software. As long as your device has an internet browser and connection, you’re all set.

Useful Data

See summary graphs or have the data exported in real-time through our API (and everything in-between).


Spend your time looking at insights, not system settings. FreeUP handles the settings and the data so that it’s simply available in the format you want.

Data Formats

We format the data so that it’s ready to be used by you.

No Software

If you don’t have any software our dashboard can provide graphs, overviews, trends and raw point readouts of the sensors deployed. Get actionable and sharable insights without ever installing software.


Set thresholds to have automatic notifications sent when a certain event occurs. Action the notifications rather than having to check the dashboard.

Use Your Software

Have the data automatically sent to your system using our API.

We built our dashboard to be useful but appreciate that sometimes you already have a system that just works for you.

The Overall Picture

Ultimately our software enables an overall picture of events.

  • Data seamlessly arrives from the real-world
  • There’s no need to work up the raw data, it’s presented how you want it
  • Receive real-time threshold notifications without human input
  • All data points are standardised and comparable



We aim for our dashboard to work for all water users. We add different dashboard layouts and tools for different user types and we don’t believe that one size fits all.

If you have questions or thoughts about what interface would work for your organisation, please get in touch. We want our dashboard to work for all water users including you.


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