Technical Support

The Role

Our operations department is responsible for ensuring the smooth day to day operations of FreeUP and delivering on our long term mission. They ensure the customer facing and internal development teams have the resources they require at that moment and that our strategic partners are delivering and aligned with our plans.

You will be responsible for managing stock levels and lead times of freeups. This will require liaising with third party companies and delivery agencies and maintaining an optimal supply chain. The ability to deal with unexpected problems and overcome them will be vital for this role as you will be expected to make high level decisions based upon the information available.

For specific orders, you will need to organise freeup deployment, instillation and support, providing a customised experience. This will require travelling to often remote outdoor locations meaning that not every day will be spent in the office.

To support the customer relations team. you will need to be able to provide remote technical customer support and able to troubleshoot non-obvious problems.

One of FreeUP’s characteristics is that we are constantly improving and adding new freeups to our platform. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the direction and outcome of these developments and to learn about a large cross section of the development process.

The ideal candidate will thrive on complexity, enjoy being challenged and find satisfaction in overcoming problems that are varied and real. You will be given the autonomy to make decisions and the responsibility that comes with them, with one day rarely being like the next.

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • initiative and a proven record of on the spot thinking, trouble shooting and optimising
  • Broad understanding of electronics manufacturing and coding practices
  • Previous customer support experience
  • Previous supply chain management
  • Broad understanding of the physical sciences
  • Experience in the agricultural, manufacturing or utility sectors
  • Experience in TRL 2 – 5 projects