Tier 1 Suppliers

An end to end solution for environmental monitoring and model ground truthing

FreeUP enables Tier 1 suppliers to fulfil their duties on behalf of utility companies, while also serving as a valuable service and system for their other construction projects, easily mapping water quality, and providing compliance and insights in real-time.


We work with T1 suppliers across the country assisting with PR24 monitoring and compliance & CSO upgrade planning which involve increases in CAPEX and OPEX.

We also assist with other large scale projects that has likely or potential water quality impacts in addition to ESG work for those organisations looking to evidence their commitment to environmental stewardship and ecology protection.

Key features

  • Risk analysis
  • GIS tools
  • Integrates with existing software
  • Data led decision making

Envirometnal Risk Mapping

FreeUP’s platform enhances risk analysis for Tier 1 suppliers by providing real-time water quality data and predictive analytics. Our system identifies potential issues before they escalate, allowing for proactive management and mitigation strategies. This leads to reduced operational disruptions and optimized resource allocation, ensuring compliance with PR24 regulations and minimizing environmental impact.

GIS Tools

Our advanced GIS tools offer comprehensive mapping and spatial analysis capabilities. These tools enable precise tracking of water quality across various locations, aiding in the identification of pollution sources and trends. By visualizing data geographically, suppliers can make informed decisions about where to focus their efforts, leading to more efficient and effective monitoring and management. This approach can greatly assisist with PR24 planning, enabling a route for minimising enviromental assumptions on future risk profiles.

Integration with Existing Software

FreeUP is able to integrate with existing software systems, facilitating our insights in your platform. Our platform is designed to be intergratable with external workflows, enhancing rather than replacing established processes. This integration ensures that suppliers can leverage their existing investments while gaining the added benefits of real-time water quality insights.

Data-Led Decision Making

Our platform provides actionable insights derived from in-water and contextual data analysis. Whist we can provide the raw data as collected, we also have the capabiltiy to derive triggers and deeper insights enabling other organisations the ability to simply act on this data. By basing decisions on accurate, real-time data, suppliers can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve better outcomes in water quality management.

Flexible, zero-build deployment

FreeUP’s zero-build deployment capability means our sensors can be placed in any location without the need for extensive infrastructure or earthworks. This flexibility allows utilities to monitor water quality in hard-to-reach areas quickly and cost-effectively, streamlining the implementation process.

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