Flexible & reliable sensing for provisions of the Environment Act

Our comprehensive system eliminates the need for extensive earthworks or mains power, offering seamless deployment even in challenging locations perfectly suited for addressing the requirements of the Environment Act and PR24 mandates.


FreeUP provides a comprehensive approach to water quality monitoring. Our technology simplifies outdoor sensing, compliance work, and stakeholder engagement, empowering utilities to make informed decisions and bridge the public understanding gap.

Key features

  • A briefcase solution compatible with Environment Act requirements
  • Assistive tools for PR24 planning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Flexible, zero-build, deployment
  • Cost effective, up to 90% less than current solutions
  • Easy to deploy

Environment Act compatible

FreeUP’s portable, all-in-one water quality monitoring system meets the stringent requirements of the Environment Act, providing utilities with a hassle-free solution that ensures compliance. Our briefcase-sized units are designed for quick setup and accurate real-time data collection, making it easy to address regulatory demands efficiently.

Assistive tools for PR24 planning

FreeUP supports utilities in their PR24 planning by providing advanced tools that simplify the process. Our platform offers comprehensive risk analysis, GIS integration, and data-driven insights, enabling precise planning and effective management of water quality improvement projects. With FreeUP, utilities can confidently meet PR24 targets.

Minimal maintenance

Our innovative water quality monitoring systems are engineered for durability and minimal upkeep. With features like self-cleaning sensors and a form factor that hides it form public attention, FreeUP reduces the need for frequent maintenance visits, ensuring continuous operation and lowering operational costs for utilities.

Flexible, zero-build deployment

FreeUP’s zero-build deployment capability means our sensors can be placed in any location without the need for extensive infrastructure or earthworks. This flexibility allows utilities to monitor water quality in hard-to-reach areas quickly and cost-effectively, streamlining the implementation process and reducing carbon impacts.


FreeUP offers a highly cost-effective solution for water quality monitoring, with costs up to 90% lower than traditional systems. Our affordable technology enables utilities to allocate their budgets more efficiently, providing comprehensive monitoring without the financial burden.

Easy to deploy

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, FreeUP’s monitoring units can be deployed quickly by non-technical staff. Our plug-and-play technology ensures that utilities can start collecting valuable data immediately, enhancing their ability to respond to water quality issues promptly and effectively.

Public Outreach

We simplify engagement with key stakeholders for utilities making complex water quality data into easy to understand insights. Helping you provide evidence of water quality improvements.

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