Real-time water-quality monitoring at scale

Who we are in 108 seconds

We enable wide-scale

Our sensors, software and communications are all designed with scale in mind.

Our hardware is low-cost and simple to deploy by non-technical people in urban or rural settings.

Our software requires no installation or manual updates and can connect to your systems via APIs if required.

Our communications are made autonomously and automatically without the need for user input.

Insights, not just information

Wide-scale in-water data collection is just the start.

We use this and other data sources to provide additional insights and guide actions.

This enables our Smart Catchment approach to provide an overview of events beyond just the data collected. This is the basis for our soft sensing approaches, which enables the investigation of hard to measure metrics at catchment wide scales.

The ability to act

As our data is avaliable in real-time and accessible through our dashboard / APIs you have the ability to act on the insights as events unfold.

This gives you the ability to make proactive rather than reactive actions and to quickly understand evetns and improve procedures.

Our system also enables preliminary investigations at wide-scales to ensure that high cost projects are well optimised in terms of scope and geographic layouts.


Our system works with a multitude of stakeholders so that a unified approach to outdoor water quality management can be achieved.

Our hardware has a minimal footprint that works for landowners and our direct measurements specifically address the requirements of utility companies and regulators for PR24 monitoring efforts.

With this extended view, efforts can be made to determine problematic river sections that require the greatest restoration efforts.