Actionable Water Insights at Scale

Real-time remote measurement, calculation & notification for catchment & distribution water

An Overall Picture of Events

We don’t offer a few more features or a slightly lower price point than others, we aim to change the game entirely.

Our systems have been built from the ground up to remove the cost and logistical barriers that have previously stood in the way of data collection at this scale.

This enables our customers to deploy orders of magnitude more in-water sensing then they are used to and for this data to be real-time, insightful and incredibly cost effective.

The result is that real, living overviews are possible where only snapshots or clusters of data points were previously.

This is what we offer and what we believe should be available  to everyone who deals with water.

Smart Catchments

Real-time catchment level overviews of outdoor water.

Any surface water can be monitored, tributaries, rivers, estuaries, ponds, lakes, coastal seawater, etc.

The sensors require no existing infrastructure and can be deployed in less than 10 minutes enabling large scale and responsive fleets.

Readings are summarised in real-time on the dashboard and can be used to drive notifications for users / stakeholders, downloaded for specific analysis or integrated through our API into third-party systems

Smart catchments puts a digital copy of the outdoors in your pocket for the first time.

Smart Distribution

Transition to an Internet of Things (IoT) distribution network incrementally, with no requirement to purchase hardware or deploy it.

Our approach requires no excavation, or the direct attachment of sensors to mains pipes or hydrants, greatly reducing deployment complexity and cost.

No prior knowledge of the distribution network’s workings are required. This means that network granularity can be increased or decreased as you determine it’s needed.

Start with a single sensor and end up with a  distribution network as smart as you want it to be.