In Water Readings, to the Cloud, at Scale

95% lower data acquisition cost (and a whole lot more)

Water Readings to the Cloud

FreeUP’s product is part hardware and part software.

Our low price point, autonomous hardware sits in the water of interest and takes a selection of readings. These readings are then processed and transmitted to the cloud where they are picked up by our software.

Our cloud software then works to maximise the value of the data, providing data overviews, event triggered notifications or by simply formatting the data to work best with the systems you currently use.

Our software is easy to use and works on any device with an internet browser.

An Overall Picture of Events

We don’t aim to offer a few more features or a slightly lower price point than others, we want to change the game entirely.

Our system has been built from the ground up to enable easy and cost effective data collection on water, at scale.

This enables our customers to deploy orders of magnitude more in-water sensing then they are used to and for this data to be real-time, insightful and incredibly cost effective.

The result is that real, living overviews are possible where only snapshots or clusters of data points were previously.

This is what we offer and what we believe should be available  to everyone who deals with water.