Automate Any Dial On Earth

Any equipment with a dial or gauge can be automated by anyone, in 5 minutes.

FreeUP automates the human task of checking a dial. Our solution works with dials of any brand, age or function, if you can see it, we can automate it.

Don’t be Steve.

Aim for something better.

What FreeUP Does

FreeUP has a physical device that monitors any dial or gauge. Much like a person, our device watches a dial and reports its values back. This information can then be viewed in our dashboard, through any web browser, or exported to be used in any other software. Additionally, if a certain value or condition is reached, an SMS notification will be sent alerting you.

Value Created

Our technology doesn’t require any technical skill to fit or software to be installed on any phones or computers. It also has no lasting impact on the equipment it is deployed to and doesn’t interfere with standard staff value readings.

 If staff currently perform periodic value checks, this frequency can be increased to every minute with no staff time.

If you are looking to upgrade to new smart equipment, your current equipment can be upgraded, in place, with no down time at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.

Data generated can be send to the system or software you currently use.

Automation Made Easy

FreeUP makes automation easy and achievable by anyone. We don’t believe that you need a consultant or a Gantt chart to create a solution. We take care of the ‘out of the box functionality’ so that you can focus on improving what you have and getting more done.

How We Do It

 Our hardware (a freeup) is placed at the dial’s location, pointed towards the dial and plugged into a power source. Through any smartphone or laptop, it is then connected to your WIFI.

The freeup then uses its camera and our propitiatory code to read the dial’s values as a person would. These values are uploaded to the FreeUP dashboard, where graphs, tables and overviews of the readings can be viewed.

If these values, or trends in the values, breach any conditions you have set, an SMS will be sent to alert you and ensure that you know.